Privacy Policy
Lepuhomecare respect and protect personal privacy of all service users. In order to provide you with more accurate and more personalized service, Lepuhomecare will use and disclose your personal information strictly according to the regulations of the Privacy Policy.
1、What information do we collect?
a) The input personal registration information as per the related requirements when you use the application issued by Lepuhomecare.
b) Lepuhomecare automatically receive and record your browser and the information on the computer, including, without limitation, your IP address, brower type, using language, visiting date and time, hardware and software feature information and the datas such as your website records when you use network service of Lepuhomecare or visit lepuhomecare platform website.
c) Your personal information and contact info provided by you when you contact and ask for help from Lepuhomecare.
Attention: When you use the application issued by Lepuhomecare, the recorded personal health data of application, for example, temperature monitoring data is used only for the dealing of application, will not be transferred to Lepuhomecare.

2、What shall we do to your information?
a) Lepuhomecare will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information with any other irrelevant third parties without user’s prior approval, or any third party, which ever provide user service independently or together with Lepuhomecare(including Lepuhomecare affiliated company) and are forbidden to access the datas that is ever accessible for them before at the end of the service.
b) Lepuhomecare also forbid any other third parties to collect, edit, sell or unpaidly spread your personal information.If any Lepuhomecare platform users are found to be engaged in the above activities, Lepuhomecare have the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user.
c) Lepuhomecare may complete the service by using your personal information.

3. Information Disclosure
Under the following situations, Lepuhomecare will disclose all or part of your personal information according to your personal will or regulations of law:
a) Disclosed to a third party with your prior approval.
b) Your personal inforamtion must be shared with a third party when providing your required product and service.
c) Disclose to a third party or administrative or judicial institutions according to regulations of laws or requirements of administrative or judicial institutions.
d) Your personal information needs to be disclosed to third party if you are found to violate the relevant local laws and regulations , or Lepuhomecare service agreement or relevant laws.
e) If you are complainant of intellectual property rights and has filed a lawsuit, disclose to the respondents as per the requirements of respondents for the convenience of dealing with possible rights disputes.
f) In the transaction created on the platform of Lepuhomecare, if either part of transaction perform fully or partly the transaction obligations and request information disclosure, Lepuhomecare has the right to provide the contact info and necessary information to other part of transaction to contribute to the completion of transaction and the solution of the dispute.
g) Other disclosure which is considered to be proper as per laws and regulations or which is considered to be proper by network policy.

4. Information Storage and Exchange
Your inforamtion and datas collected by Lepuhomecare will be stored on the server of Lepuhomecare or/and server of related companies, and all those can be tranferred to your country, your area or overseas for accessing, storing and dispalying.

5. Use Strategies of Cookies
a) Under the situation of acceptance of cookies, Lepuhomecare will set or use cookies on your computer so that you can login or use Lepuhomecare platform service or function which reply on the cookies. Lepuhomecare use cookies to provide you more considerate personalized service, including promotion service.
b) You have the right to accept or refuse the cookies. You can refuse cookies by the method of modifying the browser settings. But if you choose to refuse cookies, you may be unable to login or use the Lepuhomecare network service or function which reply on the cookies.
c) The related information gained by the cookies of Lepuhomecare is applicable to this policy.

6. Information Safety
a) Lepuhomecare accounts have safety protection function and keep your user name and password information properly please. Lepuhomecare will make sure your information is not lost, not abused and not modified through the method of encrypting the user password.Despite the security measures, but also please note “perfect safety measures” does not exist on the network.